Saturday, October 15, 2016

Age to Relax


Welcome to my blog.  This blog is written with ladies in my age group in mind, but all are welcome!

I am a 46 year old blace female, who did not feel comfortable within myself until i turned 40.  Comfortable to say, eat, wear what I want, as long as I am not disrespecting anyone.

I have learned to not make excuses for who I am, or how I fell about life.  I love life and I show it, in EVERYTHING I do.

I have glam days and, and i have my "let me be days", but on both days "I love me" lol!!!  I consider myself a nice island girl with a New Yor spin.

All I have to say is be you ladies.  Do not try to please anyone, you will fail.  Love yourself, and those who reall love you will love you for you, and if they dont...their loss.

This is a blogg where I will speak my mind, and ask the same of you.  Only Grown and Respectful  Women gather here to "conversate."  Well it should be "converse", but like I said we are grow...right?

We share ideas, give feedback constructively and lift each other up, after all "I AM MY SISTER'S KEEPER."  Talk to me me ladies!